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June 28, 2009



Nice Job JC, haven't cracked up at a blog post that much in quite a while. Cheers to Geaks, may your journey be full of fun, insight, and adventure!


Have fun Mr. Geakerson!

<3 Brett


I miss you guys. I love the post Johnny. On our flight down the left wing fell off the plane, fortunately I used the duck tape I brought to firmly tape it back on and everyone was saved. A bird flew in though. The flight attendants thought it looked funny (I knew it to be a Yariguíes Brush-Finch, which are indeed very rare). It was for this reason they made us all wear masks when we excited the plane, not H1N1.


Buena Suerte con todo Garret! Great post Johnny, very entertaining. Almost makes me question that other 'most interesting man in the world' from Dos Equis. I think Garret is hot on his tail to take that crown. Garret, try to make it to Peru if you have the time and I wish you a trip full of mischief, fun, challenge, learning and lasting revelations. Enjoy!

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is it cute?
and i'll probably curl it everyday like that, but i was wondering how someone with side bangs (me) (they come down to the bottom of my ear, so a little shorter than my chin) could curl it like hers is. should i just curl the layers or what?
help! :)

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