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May 26, 2009


Marc Peterson

Hahahha nice work on the video Jonny!! eBoost Whoop! Whoop!

Marc Peterson

Whoops i meant Johnny!! as the "J Chan"


AOOOOOOWWW - Feels great guys! Big shot out to all the eBoosters past and present who helped make it all happen!


I totally should have jumped off my ball and performed a solid Chandler dance move for the one word to describe eBoost being in the top 10....sigh, next time, next time! I should patent my new one word the Chan Chan man created!

Love the picture, the post and the video! EXCELLENT work Johnny!

Johnny Chan

Yeah eBoost! MC Lite, you gotta do that dance. lol.

AOOOOOOWWWW!!!! And Whoop! Whoop! ...and I'm spent.


phoenix seo

That was so cool keep it up guys!!

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