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May 28, 2009


Nick Urbani

I like this alot, Johnny. It explains what we've been thinking visually. When I see this as a representation of a consultant, I think "a consultant that can think like a CEO," which is refreshing specifically when it comes to digital marketing consultants or practitioners. In tomorrow's post can we see bullet points describing each level so that it can be turned into a lesson plan of sorts?

Matt Byers

Hey Johnny! Great stuff as always. I'm really excited to be seeing new posts again in my BoostStrapping RSS feed! What strikes me about this is not how it applies to any one business or profession, but how it applies to ALL businesses and professions. Without the fundamentals and a well rounded approach failure seems imminent.

Congrats on the recent accolades by the way. No one deserves it more than you guys. Keep up the good work!

Johnny Chan

@ Nick - yes, for sure! Good feedback.

@ Matt - thanks! i think you hit it right on the head. The fundamentals can be applied to any setting - professional, academic, et al. "Without the fundamentals and a well rounded approach failure seems imminent." I LOVE that. =) Thanks for the props Matt. Couldn't do it without the support of our network which definitely includes you!

Looking forward to more of your feedback as the series goes on.



Looks like I have another tool for my tool belt. I completely agree that when we get away from fundamentals we tend to lose the things that made us successful in the first place. A lesson I was taught early in my career, and a lesson that is universal in business. It's hard to create a new and innovative design for the Roman Coliseum when you don't know and understand how the original structure was built. Great post Johnny!

Johnny Chan

Appreciate the feedback, Kurt! That is a great analogy. Rome wasn't built in a day and professional success is no different. All great companies require unique time, scope, cost and resource demands. Rushing the process will do more harm than good.


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