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July 24, 2008



When I read what happened the other day, I knew it couldn't have been you guys, but I emailed it over to nick anyway. Way to rise above it offering the free service...if I say I complained about eBoost Media, can I get some free SEO for my sites? haha

Keep up the good work guys!

Johnny Chan

Ian, thanks for your support! Check your email and get back to me.

Pierce Fleming

Just wanted to thank the whole team at Eboost Consulting.

I came across this firm as a result of being scammed by Eboost "Media" and Nick graciously agreed to help me out. I have a business in Florida and Nick and his team prepared a professional SEO guide and have really improved my local rankings.

Eboost Consulting is the real thing and I am first in several key phrases as a result of their analysis and suggestions. I would welcome anyone to contact me and I will be happy to let you know about this great company and it's talented staff.

They are on the very short list of lgitimate SEO firms and they know what they are doing.


searching EBOOST to check advertising we are running (...EBOOST..that being the energy drink) and came across your blog. Hate to hear things like this. Especially when you've spent years building a brand and image.

While we're here though we may be interested in some SEO services. Small budgets, but wouldn't mind hearing from someone at your firm to talk about it.


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