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August 10, 2007



Ha. I love those Friday Follys....

Jen Hibbits

I still love John Schneider...from the Duke days to Smallville (I cried when he died on the series), he's one hunky daddy! yee hah!

...and a honorable mention to Cheryl Ladd...that's one fine lookin lady.

Johnny Chan

lol. The Dukes of Hazard was my favorite show growing up - I learned English while watching it! Bo (John Schneider) is cool, but Luke (Tom Wopat) was the man; him with his blue flannel shirt, jeans, boots, cowboy hat, and unflappable attitude. I wanted to be like him.

No, strike that...I WANT to be like him.


lol. Ah, the folly. My favorite way to start off a Monday...

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