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February 07, 2007


Mike Alfred

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I was also moved by Matt's sincerity and openness. Another interesting trait that Matt displayed that I have also seen in a number of other great leaders is modesty. Matt was almost self-denigrating in his approach. He often referred to himself as if he were simply a lucky construction guy who managed to find his way to the top. By using modesty, he brings his top lieutenants closer and builds loyalty. Egotistical leaders often drive their best people away because they are unable or unwilling to give the positive recognition and affirmation that top managers often need.

Johnny Chan


That's a great observation. Matt's top lieutenants sat close to him at the presentation and you could tell there was an immense reciprocity of respect among the team. He was certainly self-effacing and modest when talking about himself, yet lavish in his praise of others. I guess it comes from being confident enough to recognize that stepping up in business doesn't mean that you have to step on anyone.

Nick Urbani

Well this is a trap for mediocrity- How am I supposed to follow The Johnny Chan and Mike?? Cheat by saying something Johnny taught me, thats how:

Marketing as Strategy
The small start up and the multi-national can both benefit from realizing that marketing is not a functional silo. Marketing and strategy are very closely related, if not the very same thing. Marketing should transcend all business activities from product development and manufacturing to customer service and human resources. Explore your 3V's:Value Customer(who?), Value Proposition(what?, and Value Network(how?). Start at the who? then work backwards towards your solutions(what?) and then adapt the businesses processes and systems. Executives have picked up the bad habit of focusing on core competencies and delivery systems(how?) then moving down to solutions and then finally customers. Be concumer centric is an old cliche that many executives agree with, but fail in putting it to use.


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