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Because the Best Advice Sells Itself


This blog is the 'braintrust' of our company, eBoost Marketing, a digital marketing consultancy.  But formalities aside, this is a reflection of our vision, values, and culture.  Inevitably, it will also showcase our idiosyncracies, character, and randomness

But hey, that's what a blog is for anyways, right? 

Joe Kraus once said that what he absolutely loves about working with start-ups is the shared sense of struggle.  I couldn't agree more.  We're all grossly underpaid (especially this guy).  We're all ridiculously overworked (especially this girl).  But we love it (especially...well, that one's pretty universal).  And there's no other place I'd rather be...nor would there be any other people I'd love to share this struggle with. 

This space of digital marketing is changing by the minute.  Did you know that a new 3-word acronym is invented every 2 minutes? It's true...I think AdAge just came out with a study on this.  =)  Joking aside, working in this time and space is indescribable.  The energy surrounding it is chaotic and unbelievable at the same time...we love it. 

Copy_of_grouppic This blog represents the culture that we incubate internally, working in the company of bustling entrepreneurs, staying ahead of the insane velocity of digital marketing, and 'growing up' as a relative start-up ourselves. 

We call this "BoostStrapping".   

Thank you for joining us.  I hope you'll continue to stick by us in this journey. 

What a ride it's gonna be!

- Micha (C-E-O)

~Posted @ Mel's Dinner in San Francisco.~


Micha (C.E.O. / "big man")

    * Likes: Entrepreneurialism, auto racing, poker, Euro sexy shoes
    * Dislikes: Mean people, dishonesty
    * Favorite Movies: Old School and Adam Sandler movies
    * Words to Live By: Inspire success in others.

Johnny ("overpaid monkey")
    * Likes: All things Michael Jordan, tennis, and cooking
    * Dislikes: Jerks
    * Favorite Movies: All Rocky movies and 13 Going On 30
    * Words to Live By: “The most essential work of a leader is to create more leaders.” – Mary Parker Folett, social advocate, from Creative Experience

Jen ('the glue")
    * Likes: Integrity, long walks on the beach, dancing, good food, good people, and good wine
    * Dislikes: Raw tomatoes, all melons, cottage cheese, liars and inauthentic people
    * Favorite Movies: What Dreams May Come, Casablanca, Heat, Contact, and An Ideal Husband
    * Words to Live By: “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” – Henry Miller, U.S. author

Nick ("the rainmaker")
    * Likes: Crushed ice
    * Dislikes: Playing it safe
    * Favorite Movies: Donnie Brasco, Dumb & Dumber
    * Words to Live By: Never stop learning.

Danielle/Dee ('lambchop')
    * Likes: Indian food, mountain biking, sexy intelligence, and chasing Sadie around in the ocean
    * Dislikes: Yahoo, fresh ginger, being far from family, and inconsiderate/oblivious people
    * Favorite Movies: Princess Bride, Garden State and all Star Wars movies (except for The Phantom Menace)
    * Words to Live By: Make it count.

Amber ("the president")
    * Likes: Sunshine, funny movies, being with other cool people
    * Dislikes: Inefficiency, people with a lack of ambition, repetitive tasks
    * Favorite Movies: Clerks, Dodgeball, and all the 80s classics – Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club
    * Words to Live By: Constantly redefine.

Forest ("FBomb")
(bio pending)
Evan ("Evan Danger")
(bio pending)