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January 01, 2009



Hey Johnny,

Thanks for the shout out! I am thankful to have a blog like this where I can come learn from the digital marketing experts and apply what I learn to my own business. You guys rock!

See ya in a few weeks,


P.S. Can someone please, please, please fix the RSS feed so I can be lazy and read the blog from my aggregator instead of visiting every day? Thanks!


Johnny - Great post! I totally share your sentiments and am looking forward to a kick ass 2009!

Matt - Thanks for letting us know the RSS feed is broken, I have the blog as my homepage so I never noticed.



Even from afar, I can hear the momentum building at the Boost. I'm so glad that things continue to grow into greatness and am proud to have once been a part of this wonderful team.
Much love to all you crazy kids :)


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