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February 11, 2008


Robin Gerlach

Congrats to you for finishing Johnny! Carbs are definitely the fuel that drives you through the last several miles. In my years of climbing 14érs in Colorado, it´s been known as a sin to even approach base camp without power bars, bananas, or any other carb ridden super-food.
-note bananas are only for preventing cramps.

Anyways, congrats again Johnny, it´s still an accomplishment many haven´t achieved. You´ll know what´s for breakfast next time around.
Take care

Johnny Chan

Thanks Robin! Great to hear from you, all the way in South America!!!

I have to say, that state of glycogen depletion was a first - never experienced it before and never want to experience it again, lol.

14ers! Robin, you'll have to allow me to join you one of these days for a trip like that (training up to it, of course). That's definitely on the Bucket List. ;)

Again, thanks for the comment love, Robin! You are sincerely a great friend of the Boost, can't wait to get a guest blog from you one of these days (wink, wink).



I too aplaud you my friend...JC the Man of Mystery STRIKES AGAIN!! MuahahahahaaHA

Seriously though, that race sounds intense and you are in uber-duber-SUPER good shape! I would have died by mile 3.7 :-) Next time you find yourself without any carbs and your mind wanders as to how you can swipe someone's just remember...FLASHING PEOPLE WORKS!! haha jk


whoops *applaud

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