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January 28, 2008


Jen Hibbits

Okay, first it scares me that you would quote Paula Dean. Secondly, you perfectly demonstrated why it's great to be Johnny. You see things so clearly through models that it almost seems obvious for a choice. Thanks for your brilliance and brain at the Boost. Now others can benefit too!
xoxo, Jen

Johnny Chan


You make me feel like a natural woman. :-P Thank you for the props and for the comment love. I do appreciate a good Paula Deen reference, and I also appreciate her love for butter. It's healthier than margarine, ya know!

Hope you and Dean are doing well. Let the countdown begin for the inaugural Boost Baby! ;)

Love ya!


Great post, both thoughtful and insightful. Can't wait to see the Chan man published in what I am officially nicknaming "Triple SSS Brain Porn" the S stands for smarts' people! Thanks Johnny for inspiring me to start reading HBR cover to cover!

P.S. To any readers who may find it challenging to read HBR take it from me and don't be discouraged, the more you read it the more you get it, once your brain starts plumping up from the first few issues it'll all make sense!

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Interesting post, I was a redactor for that magazine and the Harvard Business Review began in 1922 as an editorial project of Harvard Business School’s faculty and students... as you probably know the magazine’s annual McKinsey Award has recognized the two most significant HBR articles published each year and this was the first edition about released. 23jj

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Could he do both?

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