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November 27, 2007


Nick Urbani

If Micha is the heart, Jen is the legs, you are the brain behind our success. Thank you for working tirelessy to keep us focused and disciplined. Thank you for throwing on the "23" jersey and stepping up during clutch times. And even though you carry alot on your shoulders, you always stop to listen to ease our stress.

You create more leaders here at eBoost- and as you taught me that is the most essential job of a leader. You've taught me a lot (an understatement) and have been the most positive impact on my life. You impact more people than you know.

Oh yea, thanks for writing a kick-ass blog too!

Johnny Chan

Nick, thank you. =) Those kind words are what it's all about for me. And to be mentioned in the same sentence as "23" is awesome.

We've been stretched in so many ways this past year - it's been bananas. Can't wait to see how much we all continue to grow.

It's a helluva ride we're on, isn't it? ;-) It's awesome we both on it.


Johnny - Thank you for being a incredible visionary, leader, and mentor to the entire team here at eBoost. I am thankful for all our relationships here, if it were not for the solid foundation building which you led us through we would most certainly be dancing to a disjointed beat. Thank you for giving us everything you have. Our amazing team here at the boost is what makes it easy to lead with such heart, work from sunrise to shut eye, and persevere through these start up stages so we can truly leave a long-standing legacy for striving marketers, leaders, and entrepreneurs of the future.

MC Light

JC, I hope to think that I will be included on your list of things to be thankful for in 2008. Just to make sure I have a secure spot I will put in extra throught each day we work together...prepare yourself, this is going to be a great year!

Johnny Chan

MC Light - if you play your cards right, then the sky's the limit for ya!

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