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October 02, 2007


Nick Urbani

The blog pulse graph tells it all... Lets see if they are successful in continuing the buzz. Especially since people can't download the album for another 7 days and won't receive the hard copy until December 3. The strategy should be to rehash with a different angle on the backend of the news curve, right Johnny?

Johnny Chan


Exactly. Any monkey in blue jeans, mismatched stilettos and fire-hydrant-red lipstick can generate buzz. But what's lacking, inherently even, from the term "buzz" is that buzz inevitably dies. Where the true magic happens is when the buzz is regenerated after its peak. Social media marketing, done right, shouldn't be a bell curve - it should be a smooth, long contour from its apex.

THAT's what separates "social media marketing" from "buzz".

That's what separates true rockstars from cover-band posers.


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