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October 13, 2007



The point of view is definately shared with this eBooster ;) ... Great Post!

I was talking about eBoost with a "agency marketer" this weekend and it was inspiring to hear her praise for our relationship based client perspective.


Johnny, I'm glad that the conversation was mutually beneficial. You managed to embody the exact characteristics that anyone in my field would be proud to boast: genuineness, positive regard and empathy. Thanks for your support...I WILL have it!!!

Johnny Chan

Micha, I knew you'd feel the same way - you're one of those people I'm alluding to in the post. :) We all know how you come in to compete every day.

Sarah, thanks for the response! Yes, the conversation was mutually beneficial indeed. I know everything will pan itself out for you come mid-February; in the interim, I hope you have peace of mind in your immediate decisions. We're rooting for you!!!


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