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August 31, 2007



Painful. I don't know quite what to say. While it's embarrassingly difficult to watch, it's not much [IMO] worse than a few key political leaders that hardly need mentioning.

I do feel for the girl and can only imagine what she must be going through now. While the internet presents a valuable outlet to virally promote awareness of important issues, connect businesses with consumers, and allow people to interact freely ; it also can act as a dark vehicle of defamation. Is it bad and frustrating that this person had such a flawed oral response; yes. Is it in our human capacity to make some royal blunders; I say so. If we were in the same boat would we be hating the internet and media right now? I don't know quite what to say.



Agreed. Is she supposed to be a rocket scientist? Her role on that stage was to look good and I think she did a damn good job of that. Meanwhile, the Bushes and Cheneys of the world say stupider things every day. And lord knows they aren't there for their looks!

Johnny Chan

What's telling is that she ended up placing third. Goes to show how much the interview portion actually accounts for!

If it counts for so little, why have it at all? If the pageant is for looks, then it should be for looks. Period. No shame in that game. Live it. Breathe it. Be it. Don't dilute it by including interviews.

As for AC - he looks like he hasn't aged one bit...what's his secret? It must be the burgers at The Max.


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