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February 01, 2007


Mike Alfred

This is hilarious. Somebody has to tell Taco Bell how it should be done. I, myself, eat Taco Bell far too often but had not heard of this E.coli outbreak. I'm not sure that this will stop me from eating it but I may eat more Subway than usual for the next few weeks.

Johnny Chan

Mike, thanks for joining the conversation. lol @ your Subway comment.

The reason you haven't heard of it is that Taco Bell tried to ignore the situation and hope that the crisis would go away. However, the media got a hold of the story and people like me became incensed at Taco Bell's lack of action. I suppose we can use this as another example of consumer control. Corporations can't be faceless or control their messages anymore.

On a separate note, I love your wiki, very well done.

johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Johnny ... Thanks for the link love and the kind words.

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